For a Healthy Snack. For Happy Family. For a Great Life

For A Great Life

A Great Life Starts with Great Food

GOLDTHUMB Girl with thumbs up for a great health achived with healthy snacks

Our Almonds Are All Grown In Australia

The Almonds are Carefully Sorted

Then gently dry roasted with no added oil!

No Salt or Preservatives

Means that GOLDTHUMB Dry Roasted Almonds make for a great afternoon snack by themselves or are tasty added to a healthy smoothy.

Ideal For Baking

As they add a lovely CRUNCH to Mum's favourite recipe
Handful of Australian Almonds representing recommended 30 grams of nuts a day

How many Nuts should we have a Day?

We keep Our Cranberries WHOLE

GOLDTHUMB Dried Cranberries are not used for making cranberry juice - instead they are kept whole. This means when this magic little berry is dried, it retains all its impressive health benefits.

GOLDTHUMB Dried Cranberries are a favourite with the kids!

They are delicious by themselves or in a cranberry tart.

Added to a Healthy Salad

GOLDTHUMB Dried Cranberries creates a Refreshing Tang and Vitamin Boost