For a Healthy Snack. For Happy Family. For a Great Life


Hi , I'm Vanessa  

I am the founder of GOLDTHUMB. 

At the beginning of 2015 I was at a crossroad...

The kids and I were in a vicious cycle of what I call the "grazing  catastrophe" .

Every afternoon we would eat everything we laid our eyes on and then wonder why we did not eat dinner??? The kids were also just getting to that stage when I could think about doing something for myself... 

After exploring healthy snack alternatives I discovered that there was a need for a range of nuts and dried fruits that busy mums could in good conscience offer their children. The stars aligned and GOLDTHUMB was born. 

GOLDTHUMB is a family business owned and operated in New South Wales, Australia. I coerced my parents to join the business. My Dad is head of marketing and Mum comes up with the delicious recipes. 

Mum's Famous Dried Cranberry, Almonds and Cauliflower Salad 


Many people wonder where the name GOLDTHUMB comes from... 

My son Andrew came up with it. He pointed out we needed to get our health under our control - so the name should have "THUMB" in it. He also pointed out that you want your health to be as good as "GOLD". The two concepts were put together and "GOLDTHUMB" was created.
At GOLDTHUMB we believe that your health can only be as good as the food you eat. 

Our products have no colourants and additives. Our products are very carefully selected to ensure that they offer the best health benefits possible and taste delicious. 

We look forward to sharing our products with you. If you have any questions please send us an email.

All the Best,

Vanessa & Family